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Become an iDAC Member

iDAC, or the Investment Diversity Advisory Council, Inc. is a registered 501c-6 membership organization.


Your annual membership fee supports iDAC’s programmatic efforts to lead and participate in a myriad of industry efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive marketplace. 

iDAC is looking to foster increasing underrepresented groups’ representation in the industry by 10,000 new entrants and double the assets managed by diverse-owned firms to at least 3% by 2028.


To achieve this objective, iDAC is aiming to set the foundational element by creating a cooperative which enables asset owners, consultants, diverse and non-diverse investment managers, DEI Force multipliers and other stakeholders to share and collaborate on actionable policies, strategies, case studies, and more. As the community strengthens, so does the opportunity for a quicker path to a more diverse and inclusive asset management industry.


Becoming a member of iDAC gives your organization special access to industry-leading workshops, strategies, and resources designed to help you maximize your talent pool, and ultimately, drive financial returns. As a member you will also have opportunities for direct input on the future of IDAC. If you are interested in being an active participant in this best-in-class cooperative, you are in the right place!

Please register to receive Member Benefits which include:

  • Discount & Priority Registration to 2024 IDAC Annual Summit and Regional Events

  • Enrollment to Join Industry Working Groups and Cohort Roundtables

  • Access to Resources and Vendor Discounts for Emerging Diverse Managers


We gather all members as equal participants for roundtable discussions to crowd-source contributions toward the common goal of increasing inclusion in our industry. Cohort meetings are open to non-members but only iDAC members may vote on cohort representation on the iDAC Inc. fifteen Board of Directors seats. If there is a cohort you are interested in starting, please contact us on how to do so:

  • Asset Allocator Cohort

  • Bank & Brokerage Cohort

  • Consultant Cohort

  • Diverse Owned Investment Manager Cohort

  • Majority Non-Diverse Investment Manager Cohort

  • DEI Force Multiplier Cohort (in conjunction with The IDAC Foundation)


Our members are the key to our success and play a pivotal role in defining our focus. We invite our iDAC members to join at least one working group that meets throughout the year focused on inclusive practices and iDAC organizational input. Additionally, our members will also decide on future Working Groups to support our mission. Please become a member today to participate in a working group session:

  • Advocacy & Research Working Group

  • Digital Resource Library Working Group

  • Standards for DEI Disclosure Working Group

  • Talent Pool Expansion Working Group


In addition to the benefits we provide to our members, we offer opportunities for our member organizations to become leaders in shaping the future of iDAC and its mission.


Participation in our multi-year initiatives to continue strengthening iDAC’s infrastructure, outputs, and investment in the future enable your organization to drive meaningful change toward accelerating the inclusion of the historically underutilized and untapped talent pool.

As a member of IDAC there are many strategic initiatives to participate in which will ultimately benefit your company's short term goals as well as the long term future of DEI.

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