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What is The iDAC Foundation?

The iDAC Foundation was founded in 2020 as IDiF (the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Finance) by Caryn Effron, Dessy Levinson, Samantha Katz and a community of impact leaders as a nonprofit organization driving equitable access to capital to accelerate economic justice, power and influence.

In May 2024, we announced that IDiF will be joining iDAC, Inc. and changing its name to The iDAC Foundation, Inc.

The IDAC Foundation recognizes the importance of capital as the oxygen to all industries. Each industry's diverse needs and uses of capital vary, requiring a solution to synchronize the myriad of efforts. At the IDAC Foundation, we are committed to amplifying and educating through thought leadership, coalitions, and resource sharing to illuminate the path toward a more inclusive financial sector.

iDAC Foundation Leadership


President, The iDAC Foundation
(formerly IDiF, Inc.)

MonaLisa Raass Como is the President of The IDAC Foundation and the CEO of iDAC, Inc., the parent sole member entity. Prior to this role, Ms. Como was the Executive Director of IDiF, Inc. She has over twenty-five years of financial services experience in scaling and transforming startups, large institutions, and emerging industries. She was previously the Chief Operating Officer of PayPal at Invest, President & COO at Capital One Investing, and E*TRADE as a startup to name a few.


Ms. Como has a degree from Harvard University, and a Business Sustainable Strategy certificate from Harvard Business School. She has FINRA licenses 7, 24, 63, 99 in addition to a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute at Wharton.


She is a first-generation Tongan American, mother of five and an advocate for women entrepreneurs, women in leadership, and mental health. She has spoken globally on ending the stigma on mental health in both communities, schools, and corporate cultures. Ms. Como is also a Board Director and Treasurer for Bring Change 2 Mind, on the Advisory Board for FormScore™ and the Global Wellness Institute in UK. 

iDAC Foundation Board of Directors


Chair of the Board of Directors

Chief Compliance Officer & Managing Director of Sustainable Investing

Harvard Management Company


Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

President & CEO, Serrano & Associates


Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Managing Partner, Quain Investments


Secretary of the Board of Directors

CEO, Intelligent Partnerships 


Chair & Founder, IDAC 

Partner at NEPC


Independent Director 

President, Versanture Consulting
Chair, Morningstar Funds Trust

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